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Online Therapy 

 I work online with adults (individuals and couples) experiencing life changes, anxiety, depression, or physical pain that may have an emotional component. My mind-body approach can reduce distress, alleviate pain, and lessen anxiety and depression. I’d love to know how I can help you. If you are interested in booking an online consultation, please click the link below.

What is Integrative Body Psychotherapy?

Many of us live primarily in our minds; thinking, planning, and processing memories of the past or anticipating future events, which can lead to chronic stress and physical pain.

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is an energetic approach to enhancing wellbeing through breath, movement, and a deep, mindful awareness of what you feel in your body. Using IBP’s experiential practices, you are able to recognize and release your stress and pain.

 If You Experience: 

  • Panic and anxiety
  • Chronic stress & physical pain
  • Low energy & depression

You Can:

  • Become present & grounded
  • Come home to yourself & heal
  • Heighten your energy & self-worth

Recently Published Work

My Love Is For Always

My Love Is for Always: Profound Little Messages to Grow a Resilient Child

With enough warmth, nurturing, and attunement, children can be supported to grow to their full potential. These messages are the energetic, loving feeling tones that a parent ideally gives to their child. This book creates an opportunity for you to impart these messages to all the special little ones in your life. As you read together, you are developing security, trust, resilience, and wellbeing in your child.

The Secret to Loving Yourself

The Secret to Loving Yourself: Profound Little Messages to Change Your Life

Beth Bardovi and I co-wrote this book to share how your earliest relationships shape who you are today and why old emotional injuries keep resurfacing. Healing and repairing your early emotional wounds can make a profound change in your life. This book guides you in embracing the child you once were to find and trust the loving inner voice…

About Me

Dr. Margie Gayle

Margie Gayle, Psy.D.

For the past 20+ years, I’ve been working with people to help them find their inner strength so that they can manage their stress and experience a life filled with health and well-being. I work with you to understand the false beliefs you have about yourself, so you can unlearn these lies. This process helps you discover who you really are which supports your vulnerability and authenticity.

Being able to help people move past their stress and transform is one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve ever undertaken.  I became an Integrative Body Psychotherapist (IBP) for many reasons.  Besides training me to become a competent therapist, this journey has helped me to get unstuck from my old patterns, taught me about love and relationships, and upped my enthusiasm for my life. 

“Every time I’m able to help someone see the truth about who they are, past their limiting sense of themselves, I fall in love with my work all over again.”  

What My Clients Are Saying…

“I have had the pleasure and benefit of working with Dr. Gayle for the past year. I was so grateful to be able to continue my sessions online after I moved away, but truthfully, I was concerned it just wouldn’t be the same. To my very pleasant surprise, my online sessions are different but no less valuable. The online platform actually enhances the sessions because of the close face to face interaction. Whether in person or online, the most important thing to me was, and is, to continue my process of self-discovery with Dr. Gayle’s body-mind approach.”

“I am learning how to let go of negative messages and patterns of thought that have plagued my life – keeping me a victim. I am learning to nurture and feed my soul through tuning into what takes care of me rather than engaging in repetitive self-harming and addictive behaviours.”

“I’ve gone through years of talk therapy and never gone as deep as I have in only a few sessions with Dr. Gayle.”