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‣ Ground yourself in the present moment.

‣ Reduce symptoms of anxiety, panic, and stress. 

‣ Interrupt intrusive and paralyzing thoughts. 

‣ Utilize the power of breath to balance your nervous system.

‣ Experience well-being as a palpable sense in your body.

‣ Develop greater resilience and authenticity.

The Secret to Loving Yourself

What’s Inside

Grounding Exercise 

Discover a simple grounding technique to use when feeling anxious. Our physical body is how we experience the world. By tuning into your senses, you can ground your body and thoughts in the present moment. Living in the present moment can reduce feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and stress. 

Breathing Exercise 

When people are anxious they tend to take rapid, shallow breaths. This type of breathing leaves your body in an anxious, constricted state. By expanding the breath you can calm your nervous system and feel instantly more relaxed. The exercise will help guide you. 

Are You Ready for True Transformation?

the core self transformation

Do you struggle to find and trust your inner voice?

I have witnessed countless clients struggle to find and trust their inner voice. However, when they discover that quiet, still voice within, they feel loved, understood, and whole.

The Core Self Transformation involves traveling to your inner depths to embrace the your core self. As you tune in with compassion and get to know your most authentic self, you can be soothed and calmed with understanding.

From this practice, you will experience a more profound, more vibrant love for yourself and others. Your essential relationships will become based on love and desire rather than longings and needs. And only then will you be able to deepen and expand the spaciousness inside so that love can cultivate as a state of being.

Transformation is possible.

It’s human nature to gravitate toward what is familiar. However, lasting change requires letting go of old familiar patterns and swimming in uncharted waters. When you connect with the real you, you will experience a state of presence, inner aliveness, clarity, and connection — resulting in a less stressful, less anxious, and more fulfilled life. My course, The Core Self Transformation, is designed to be the first step in this journey.

What People Are Saying…

This course if truly life-changing. I’ve tried medication, therapy, self-help books… everything. This course helps you understand who you are. I’m so grateful to have found it. I will be using these lessons for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Gayle!

Mia C

I am learning how to let go of negative messages and patterns of thought that has plagued my life – keeping me a victim. I am learning to nature and feed my soul by tuning into what takes care of me rather than engaging in self-harming and addictive behaviors.

Alex G

About Dr. Margie Gayle

Margie Gayle, PsyD

Margie Gayle, PsyD


Margie Gayle, PsyD is a licensed psychologist in California, a Registered Professional Counselor (RPC) in Canada, and a Registered Clinical Counselor (RCC) in British Columbia, Canada. The Los Angeles Central Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) certified her as an IBP practitioner in 2008 and as an IBP teacher in 2014.

Her goals are to help her students and clients develop a deeper sense of self-awareness of their body-mind connection; expand their capacity for emotional depth and authenticity; discover powerful methods to remain present, grounded, and centered; and experience a sense of wholeness and connection inside, so that they feel empowered and in charge of their lives.