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A Conversation With Dr. Margie Gayle: Anxiety During COVID-19

Take charge of how you feel on the inside. Whatever your situation is during this challenging moment – either wondering what to do with all of the free time on your hands or trying to keep several balls in the air at once, it’s possible to amp up your self-care and deepen your self-awareness.

When you deepen your self-awareness on a body-mind level you can create transformational patterns that you can lean on for years to come. These habits and thought patterns completely changed my life, and the lives of my clients. My hope is to share this practice with as many people as possible. 

That is why I decided to host my a FREE webinar. I will be sharing exact Integrative Body Psychotherapy techniques and daily practices you can use to make this giant pause work for you.

Join me on Zoom, Monday, August 24th, at 11:00 am PT / 1:00 pm CST for the live event. To reserve a spot, fill out the form and I will send you an email with a Zoom link. There are no audio or video requirements, so feel free to join, listen, and learn.

See you there!

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Dr. Margie Gayle

I remember the day I realized that I’d found my calling.  I was in the IBP training program for personal growth. I was sitting with another student and we were looking at her earliest experiences and how they continued to create her present-day reality. I felt the warmth and expansiveness of compassion. At that moment, I knew the gift of being an IBP therapist.

Being able to help people move past their stress and transform is one of the most rewarding endeavors I’ve ever undertaken. Besides training me to become a competent therapist, this journey has helped me to get unstuck from my old patterns, taught me about love and relationships, and upped my enthusiasm for my life. 

Every time I’m able to help someone see the truth about who they really are, past their limiting sense of themselves, I fall in love with my work all over again.  

My Course: The Core Self Transformation


The Core Self Transformation

The Core Self Transformation is my online course. It is designed to show you the layers covering your authentic core self. Experience a state of presence, inner aliveness, clarity, and connection by shedding the layers.

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