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Year 1 | Session 5: Psychological Arenas – Beginning Sessions

For Students in the Mental Health Professional Track Only

3 Days | 21 hours of Instruction

Session has a dual focus: (1) integrate and assimilate the learning from the four previous Year 1 sessions and (2) develop within the student an understanding of the basic fundamentals of a complete IBP body-mind psychotherapeutic intervention through supervised sessions in which students in turn act as therapist, client, and observer.

After review of prior material, integration and assimilation is enhanced with additional advanced IBP concepts deepening the consciousness and practices for Primary Scenario, Defensive Character Styles, Emotional Agency; learning to track energy, the Basic Fault and One-Person Themes, Fragmentation and Steps for Emotional Maturity, Transference and Counter-Transference, Speed Limits, and Awakening the Body. By implementing IBP concepts and tools in a complete session (e.g., recognizing the interrelationship between early childhood themes, and how they are replayed in current events, the arenas, transference relationship, and the energetic reactive dynamics of the body-system and holding patterns), students will feel whole, seen and known and learn somatic mental health skills — the IBP body-mind psychotherapeutic process to awaken core aliveness, resolve current event issues, and develop a somatic sense of constancy and well- being.


Students are guided experientially as they enact roles of client and therapist, receiving advanced instruction on the transference relationship (e.g., therapist-client attunement, therapist presence and aliveness in the body) and working with the various manifestations of defensive body-psychological patterns (i.e., Character Styles). They also observe and then practice advanced breath work and building an energetic charge by breathing with student-as- client, observing his or her body charge/release responses, sharpening the connection of the Primary Scenario, Basic Fault, and One-Person Themes to Current Event, and supporting the client experience of connecting to presence and aliveness in the body.