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Year 2 | Session 2: Working with the Body II – Releasing Holding Patterns

3 Days | 21 hours of Instruction

This is the second of three weekend sessions in the IBP Training Program focused on the body.

It continues exploration of the psychological holding patterns in the body and anatomical functions of body segments introduced in Body I, and how to recognize the memory with associated beliefs, emotions and behaviors held in various segments. Students gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and inhibited function. In addition to interactive lectures, demonstrations and session work help students have a somatic experience of energetic holding patterns and release techniques. They will experience high charge breathing patterns and a greater experiential understanding of presence, splitting off, cutting off, containment and interruptions as they refine their skills for tracking energy in the body. Students learn and experience how the body and breath can provide access to the core self and a greater “I am” sense of well-being.