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Year 2 | Session 3: Sex I – A Psychological/Energetic Model of Sexuality

3 Days | 21 hours of Instruction

This is first of two sessions on the energetic and relationship models of sexuality.

The format is a combination of interactive lectures, demonstrations and practice sessions. Students learn to work with an approach to sexuality that focuses on the triangle between the patterns each person brings to the sexual relationship, patterns acted out in the relationship and how each individual builds, contains and releases energy. Students are taught how to use the Energetic Charge/Release Cycle and the Sexual Relationship Assessment Guide as tools for diagnosis and treatment.


Students learn IBP tools such as the Sexual Scenario and Sexual Identity Charts used for tracking and understanding a sexual development history. Students learn how to identify the somatic patterns of sexual function and about the interplay of the psychological and somatic in identifying sexual problems. Students increase their levels of comfort as well as that of their clients for discussing sexual issues, and the use of IBP skills to maintain presence with intimacy and charge. They also practice integrating sex counseling into therapy sessions.