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Year 2 | Session 4: Advanced Body & Resolving Developmental Injuries

4 Days | 28 hours of Instruction

The third of three Body sessions in the IBP Training Program, this session offers an
in-depth focus on the pelvic segment.


Students gain a deeper knowledge of pelvic anatomy, the nervous system and pelvic segmentation as it relates to holding and
release patterns registered in the body due to psychological events. They develop greater understanding of how the body, mind and emotions function synchronously, and how this may influence a person’s capacity to build and contain high charge energy (particularly during sex). Students continue to practice tracking skills using IBP tools like to the IBP Bug to identify specific themes (e.g., Basic Fault, Agency or Character Style) that arise as charge interruptions. They also get additional practice in using the Sustaining Constancy Series of exercises — a fundamental IBP tool developed by IBP Founder, Jack Lee Rosenberg, PhD and Beverly Kitaen Morse, PhD— for increasing energy and aliveness in the body, as well as enhancing a sense of core self and well-being.


This session will also focus on developmental themes (or “developmental injuries”)
that arise from childhood and can confiscate current reality and cause dysfunction in adulthood, particularly in intimate relationships.


Through group discussion, role plays, exercises and practice sessions, students learn how to identify and classify the type of developmental injuries from the Primary Scenario of a person’s early life that manifest as interruptions to a sense of well-being, constancy, clarity and fulfillment. They learn to recognize where in the body these “stuck places” reside and prevent us from having the authentic and core experiences that are possible in life. Students use IBP mental health skills to help themselves and others remain centered, present and grounded. They learn theoretically and experientially how to activate a disassociated or numbed sense of self in the body for authenticity that releases us from faulty life themes.