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Year 2 | Session 5: Psychological Arenas – Advanced Sessions

For Students in the Mental Health Professional Track Only

3 Days | 21 hours of Instruction

This session completes Year 2 of the IBP Training Program and prepares students to either graduate or advance to Year 3.

Each student experiences a full IBP somatic based psychotherapy session with one or both session instructors. All students observe the series of sessions and are encouraged to process each session to assess their knowledge and their need of further development. They learn to identify their own personal themes and to participate in active professional inquiry and resolutions. Due to the unknown nature of emerging client material, this is an opportunity to teach material experientially. Because the fundamentals or underlying principles and structure of effective body-mind psychotherapy are consistent, students learn how to develop fluency with therapeutic process and gain a body-mind sense of the nature of effective in-depth sessions. Having completed two years of the IBP Training Program and the required psychotherapy hours, students are introduced to advanced breath and body process. With personal support and internal experience they advance to another level of development.