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Year 3 | Session 1: Body-Mind Skills Integration

Students demonstrate an integrated understanding of IBP mental health concepts and skills.

Critical in attaining therapeutic intervention ability, therapist-client attunement (i.e., the transference relationship) — the cornerstone of IBP therapy — requires students to demonstrate accurate use of IBP mental health skills in understanding their personal lives and achieving a heightened, strengthened, authentic sense of self. Students are expected to visually and narratively present a cohesive, personal Primary Scenario that includes Basic Fault development; themes of childhood Abandonment, Inundation, Secret Themes, and Gender Prejudice; and how Character Style and Emotional Agency defenses were utilized in childhood and currently employed. In addition, IBP therapists-in-training (i.e., students) are assessed, via their presentations and demonstration sessions, for the quality of their personal growth, their application of IBP mental health skills that include sustaining constancy (e.g., breath work and energetic containment), steps out of fragmentation (e.g., self-care process), and self-observation through journal writing and personal IBP therapy.