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Year 3 | Session 3: Existential & Transpersonal I & II

4 Days | 28 hours of Instruction

Session embarks upon the issues of existence, states of consciousness and transformation of consciousness.


Throughout the weekend, students are guided to experience and delve into a deeper place of self-inquiry, to confront existential issues of impermanence, authenticity, aloneness, attachments and the cycles of life. Through discussion and experiential learning, students explore their ideas of the transpersonal experience, an awakening to that which is beyond themselves. IBP’s therapeutic model confronts these existential/transpersonal concepts. This training session teaches students how to better understand their own existential development; to become aware of their transformation during the process of consciousness; to realize their own level of aliveness and existence; and, how to develop and master tools that support somatic constancy when life is in flux. Students are also taught how to interpret and work with dreams from a psychological and transpersonal level.


Issues of Aging

Students are engaged in an experiential, interactive session. Existential, spiritual, transpersonal awakening cannot be taught. It can only be explored and opportunities for awakening provided. This session explores the differences between growth, development, healthy aging, and a transformation of consciousness. It also delves into the effects produced by our human awareness of our own mortality and examines the psychological/spiritual aspects often felt with the loss of parents, children and spouses. Discussions of impermanence lead to the revealing of personal and archetypal life values— and an awareness that life is short, at best. Given this, students are encouraged to consider that they cannot afford to indulge in undermining habitual themes of the past (e.g., Primary Scenario or family-of-origin assumptions and defensive patterns that interrupt aliveness and lead to mental and physical illness and relationship problems). Content offerings include: Issues of Aging in a New Era; The Maturing Body, Mind, and Spirit; Sensitivities of Age; The Importance of Presence; Eldering Attitudes for the End Zone; Existential Themes for the End Zone; Medical Care and Medication; Healing and Cure; Recycled Memories; Health, Well- being, and the Basic Fault.