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Sex II: Advanced Understanding of the IBP Psychological/Energetic Model of Sexuality

2 Days | April 23 & 24, 2022

What would it mean to be fully sexual, fully alive, and fully who you are..fearless in intimate contact, joining, and love?



  • Venue: Online via Zoom Meeting
  • Cost: $297 USD per participant
  • Dates: 2-day even
      • Saturday April 23rd, 10 AM – 3:30 PM PST
      • Sunday April 24th, 10 AM – 12:30 PM PST

Sexual lovemaking is a natural process and a reflex. Sex is of body, mind and spirit. It is influenced by each partners’ emotional/psychological dynamic. It is complicated by the relational patterns brought into the relationship by the individual partners. The very nature of sex – the nakedness and vulnerability, the longings for love and connection, the fears and trauma from the past, arousal tolerance, protective/defensive emotional patterns – all of this and more arise in the act of sexual lovemaking.

IBP’s Advanced Sexuality program seeks to answer the question: What would it mean to be fully sexual, fully alive, and fully who you are..fearless in intimate contact, joining, and love?”

We’ll begin with a review of the material presented in IBP’s Sex I program, including the Sexual Relationship Assessment Guide, Sexual Scenario, Sexual Identity chart, and the Energetic Charge/Release Cycle.

You will:

  • Identify where you experience interruption in the sexual lovemaking cycle, and how to recover from the interruption;
  • Learn to build a charge of aliveness and contain it;
  • Develop the capacity to tolerate arousal, and juggle both your physical and emotional functioning simultaneously;
  • Expand your presence, and your energetic speed limits; and
  • Build upon your relationship so that you can experience more intimacy.

This program also includes

  • IBP’s translation of the DSM-V Sexual Dysfunctions;
  • The effects on the psychological and sexual functioning of sexual trauma and early childhood abuse are addressed, so that students are aware of how this type of early history reflects adult sexual behavior patterns.
  • Pharmacology for treating sexual functioning,
  • Sexuality throughout the lifespan including exploration of the myths and possibilities of sexuality in the latter stages of development; and,
  • The effects of archaic emotional belief and body holdings patterns, and the existential issues surrounding sexuality.

Meet the Teachers

Dr. Margie Gayle

Margie is a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapist and teacher, and is the Associate Director of IBP Central, as well as the Director of the Palm Springs IBP Institute.  She holds a doctorate in Psychology from Ryokan College in Los Angeles. Margie is a California Licensed Psychologist, with a private practice in Palm Springs, CA.

Mitchell E Welch

Mitchell E. Welch, MTOM (Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine)

Mitch is a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Allied Professional and Teacher. Mitch graduated from Emperor’s College in Los Angeles, California with a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. Mitch lives in Portland and is very involved with Portland’s Search & Rescue organization.

Sophie Bain-Tohl

Sophie Bain-Tohl, LMFT

Sophie is a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapy practitioner and teacher. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles,  and a second Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Sophie has a private practice in Palm Springs, CA.

Richard Osler

Richard Osler

Richard Osler is a 70 year-old Canadian poet, poetry therapist and long-term poetry blogger who has led generative poetry writing workshops and retreats in Canada, the U.S. and Italy. Richard’s poetry therapy practice was deeply influenced by his three- year IBP training program run by the Northwest IBP Institute in B.C.

Basil Segal

Dr. Basil Segal

Family Physician who has his practice in Richmond BC, Basil graduated with his medical degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and completed his Family Practice Residency at the University of British Columbia. Basil is a Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapist and teacher. He is currently presenting workshops to Physicians on “Caring versus Caretaking and when to say NO”, which incorporates IBP principles.    

I’m now an IBP practitioner and teacher, but I still remember how practical and important it was to learn and understand the content of the IBP Sexuality training. It not only gave me a language, but also a way of framing my experience. 

Dr. Margie Gayle

IBP Practitioner & Teacher, IBP Global

As an IBP practitioner and teacher, this course gave me practical tools and a better understanding of how I interrupt my aliveness and ability to be intimate and close with my loved ones. I am so excited to be able to share with you, the tools that have allowed me to be more embodied.

Sophie Bain, LMFT

IBP Practitioner & Teacher, IBP Global