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The Secret to Loving Yourself

Profound Little Messages to Change Your Life

‣ Learn how your earliest relationships shape who you are today.

‣ Discover why old emotional injuries keep resurfacing.

‣ Build a deeper connection and increased intimacy with yourself.

‣ Utilize the power of breath to balance your nervous system.

‣ Experience well-being as a palpable sense in your body.

‣ Develop greater resilience and authenticity.

The Secret to Loving Yourself

Our world is changing at warp speed. Things come up that trigger me, that cause me to become reactive, or make me feel anxious, nervous, frightened, or worried. Sometimes it’s financial matters, relationship issues, health news, or deep concern for the wellbeing of loved ones. I have friends going through every one of these challenges right now. I bet you do, too. It is difficult and confronting.

Beth Bardovi and Margie Gayle have been practicing and teaching Integrative Body Psychotherapy for many years. Beth has been my friend and teacher for almost a decade. She helped me realize that most of my troubling thoughts and feelings are the same as, similar to, or familiar in some way to events from my history—usually, my childhood history, boyhood days. Because my body remembers all the long-ago hurts, old upsets, old wounds, they can be re-triggered at any time by developments happening now. The messages in this lovely, beautifully written book are not messages that I received when I was a little boy.

I love you, and I give you permission to be who you are.
You can trust your inner voice.
It’s not what you do but who you are that I love.

Take that in for a moment… how that feels. If you sense as I do, that uncertainty is the new normal, then reparenting your younger self matters. Lucky for us, ‘The Secret to Loving Yourself’ is a master class in how to go about it.

Barnet Bain

Producer of What Dreams May Come, Author of The Book of Doing and Being

Excerpts from “The Secret To Loving Yourself”

the secret to loving yourself

Tuning In 

“This book is intended to help you come into harmony with your inner voice and to infuse you with a loving, “tuneful spirit.” In our 35 years as psychotherapists, we have witnessed countless clients struggle to find and trust their inner voice. When they discover that quiet, still voice within, they feel loved, understood, and whole.


The secret to loving yourself involves traveling to your inner depths to embrace the child you once were and who remains inside you. Your early experiences develop your emotional blueprint. Today, it’s as if there are two voices resounding in your body and mind. One is your adult voice who is integrated and connected to your knowing of who you are. The other voice is your younger self who wasn’t always supported and encouraged, and therefore internalized criticism, judgement, and self-doubt.”



Embodying a Tuneful Spirit

“The information and practices in this book will help you heal the younger part of yourself. To achieve lasting and transformational growth, you need to let go of old and familiar ways that no longer serve you. Deep repair and healing takes place when the adult part of you and the younger part of you can build a mutual relationship based upon trust, understanding, and authenticity.”

Reading this book and taking it in can heal you in the deepest places where you didn’t receive the love you needed. After 35 years supporting clients through dark nights of the soul, Beth and Margie have extraordinary insight into the tender, vulnerable, often hidden shards of brokenness we carry with us throughout our lives. This book is an outpouring of love so immense it can reach you in those places where you ache for someone to hold you with unconditional embrace. Few of us have ever felt absolute security and wholeness inside of us. This is Beth and Margie’s heart felt blessing for us: to re-discouver our birthrights as perfect beings of light and to find our way home.

Erica Ariel Fox

New York Times bestselling author of Winning From Within: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change.

The Secret to Loving Yourself is a wonderful, refined companion on the inner journey from shame to healthy self-esteem. Its affirmations and meditations will systematically work to quiet the inner critic and rewire a healthy inner relationship that is nurturing, grounding, empowering, and inspiring. A wonderful resource for leaders exploring self-leadership and expanding their own emotional intelligence and relational skill.

Amy Elizabeth Fox

CEO, Mobius Executive Leadership

 Debi Carlin Boyle

Recorded Conversation About the Book

Watch the episode with the renowned Debi Carlin Boyle where she discusses the book “The Secret to Loving Yourself” with the two authors. Beth Bardovi, Certified Integrative Body Psychotherapist & Margie Gaye, Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Integrative Psychotherapy discuss the ways we can find our inner strength from old emotional injuries stored in our body through profound little messages that can literally save our life.

About the Authors

Margie Gayle, PsyD

Margie Gayle, PsyD


Margie Gayle, PsyD is a licensed psychologist in California, and between 2017 through 2021, she was a Registered Clinical Counselor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Los Angeles Central Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) certified her as an IBP practitioner in 2008 and as an IBP teacher in 2014.

In Spring, 2020, she launched “The Core Self Transformation”, an online educational program designed to introduce the general public to IBP’s transformational personal growth work.

Her goals are to help her students and clients develop a deeper sense of self-awareness of their body-mind connection; expand their capacity for emotional depth and authenticity; discover powerful methods to remain present, grounded, and centered; and experience a sense of wholeness and connection inside, so that they feel empowered and in charge of their lives.


Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT

Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT


Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA since 1985. She has taught Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) in the United States, Canada, and Europe beginning in 1989. She is an IBP practitioner and IBP teacher. Beth served as Director of the Los Angeles Central IBP Institute and is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the IBP Institute in Italy.

Beth is a Transformational Faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership and works with CEOs and business leaders of Global 500 Companies.

Her goal is to tap into the innate wisdom of body, mind, and spirit to liberate human potential. She uses breath to balance the nervous system, to change and release old habitual holding patterns, and to allow a deeper more authentic experience of self. Beth believes well-being is a body experience that increases joy, resilience, and aliveness and leads to deep and lasting transformation.