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Empowered Relief ®

Train your brain away from pain

Empowered Relief

For People Who Live With Pain

Empowered Relief™ is an evidence-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills.

Developed at Stanford University by pain psychologist, Beth Darnall, PhD, the Empowered Relief two hour program has been providing relief to chronic pain patients at Stanford University since 2013. Early positive scientific results led to major NIH funding to further study the benefits and mechanisms of the single-session pain relief class.

2-Hour Class

Receive A Personal Plan For Pain Relief


Self-Empowerment to Train Your Brain Away From Pain

Online Class on Pain Management

If you are alive, you will at some point experience pain in your life. How you think and feel about pain in general will in many ways determine your pain experience. This presentation will explain why this is so and give you tools to handle pain or support others in your life who may be experiencing a prolonged or chronic pain experience. 

Chronic pain is inherently distressing. The Empowered Relief online program will:

  • Educate you about the neurobiology of pain;
  • Create awareness of your thoughts and feelings about pain;
  • Empower you with simple body-mind practices;
  • Help you lower your pain distress by calming your nervous system;
  • Teach you to simply and effectively manage your pain;
  • Restore function and return to a more manageable life;
  • Enable you to tap into your resilience and strength.

Class Schedule

Classes will resume in September, 2022. Have a great summer!
Empowered Relief Online Meeting