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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you help someone who feels stressed and overwhelmed?

Learning how to manage the stress in your life is like building a new muscle.  It takes mind and body awareness and practices to transform the way you deal with what is coming at you.


I have physical pain. How does Integrative Body Psychotherapy help?

If you’ve tried medical approaches and your physical pain is still unresolved, there may be an emotional component.  It could be your frustration that your pain is not going away, or something less conscious, like the way you hold your emotions as muscular tension, or use your pain to avoid certain uncomfortable aspects of your life.  Whatever it is, you will experience more clarity about the best way to resolve your discomfort.


Why am I having panic attacks?

Panic attacks are very frightening. Most of the time, they are your body’s response to the way you perceive challenging events in your life.  You can learn to calm and soothe yourself with some effective mind-body techniques.


I’m experiencing pain when I have sex. I’ve tried everything. 

There may be a few different things going on for you, and the emotional component is an important one.  Sexual intimacy is an area that causes a lot of stress for women and men. When there is pain, there may be fear, a lack of desire,  confusion about what to do or ask for from your partner. Anyone of these reasons and many more factors can create unconscious physical/emotional holding patterns in your mind and body.  Holding patterns can cause pain.


I have very low energy and feel empty. I think I may be depressed. How can you help?

Unless your feelings of low energy have a physical cause such as an undiagnosed medical condition, symptoms of depression are usually your body’s reaction to overwhelming stress in your life.  This is your body’s call to action. There are mind and body techniques that can help reset your nervous system so that you don’t have to live with low energy and feelings of emptiness.

Do you accept insurance? 

In order to maintain high standards of care and provide personalized 1-on-1, 1 hour care with a Dr. Margaret Gayle is a direct care psychologist, who is out-of-network with all insurances. This means that patients are responsible for paying Dr. Margaret Gayle directly for all services rendered prior or at the time of their visit. Patients with a PPO may request a superbill which they can then submit personally to their healthcare insurance for use of their out-of-network benefits. Dr. Margaret Gayle makes no promises of coverage or takes any responsibility if claims are denied. I strongly recommend you find out your benefits and coverage prior to your first appointment if you plan on submitting a superbill.

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