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My Love Is for Always

Profound Little Messages to Grow a Resilient Child

‣ Support children to grow to their full potential.

‣ Messages are energetic with loving feeling tones.

‣ Impart these messages to all the special children in your life.

‣ Develop security, trust, resilience, and wellbeing in your children.

‣ Develop more self-attunement, self-love, and inner resilience.

My Love Is For Always

As Integrative Body Psychotherapists, my co-author, Beth Bardovi and I have had many clients share how Dr. Jack Rosenberg’s Good Parent Messages have helped them to heal their emotional wounds from childhood. Jack’s Good Parent Messages, at once so simple, yet so profoundly healing, are part of his outstanding legacy to all of us lucky enough to be trained in Integrative Body Psychotherapy. 

This is Beth’s and my second book featuring the Good Parent Messages. Our first book is The Secret to Loving Yourself: Profound Little Messages to Change Your Life. It’s a book for any adult, young or old, to help them heal the child within.

It was our intention to write a children’s book first, but we struggled with how to format and illustrate the messages in a way that would impart the energetic feeling tones of the messages to young children as well as to the adults reading the book to the children.

Our inspiration came upon us in a flash thanks to my partner and creative muse, Carlos Platon Tornes, who suggested pandas. Pandas! Within a few days, Beth reached out to her children’s book author and illustrator friend, Barney Saltzberg, who had recently published a book about the pandas he visited during a trip to China. A few days after this first call, Barney was on board. Beth shared the messages with him and he was sending us panda images that resonated with the messages. We are forever grateful to Barney for illuminating the messages with his artwork.

Jack’s original messages were one sentence each. Beth and I used all of our years of being therapists to expand Jack’s one sentence lines into verses, so that both the child and the adult reader might embody the messages. By reading these messages to the children in their lives, our hope is the reader and the children develop more self-attunement, self-love, and inner resilience. 

Healing and repairing one’s early emotional wounds, and developing greater resilience is the essence of all good therapy, and is the basis of working with clients with attachment injuries. It is some of the most profound work our community of Integrative Body Psychotherapists does. 

As we face the existential threats of Covid and climate change, there has never been a more important time to develop inner resilience to better support yourself and your loved little ones now and through all of life’s inevitable transitions. 

Margie Gayle, PsyD

Excerpt from “The Secret To Loving Yourself”

My Love Is For Always - Be true to yourself

I Highly Recommend This Book

“Sent this book as a gift to a new parent. Fantastic message for our children to hear. 
Love the artwork. I highly recommend this book for children of all ages.”
– Jill Kulper
Reviewed on 6/27/2021

10/10 - Would Recommend

“A beautiful book with a lovely message that is applicable to parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts and friends. 10/10 would recommend.”
– A C.
Reviewed on 4/26/2021

About the Authors

Margie Gayle, PsyD

Margie Gayle, PsyD


Margie Gayle, PsyD is a licensed psychologist in California, and between 2017 through 2021, she was a Registered Clinical Counselor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Los Angeles Central Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) certified her as an IBP practitioner in 2008 and as an IBP teacher in 2014.

In Spring, 2020, she launched “The Core Self Transformation”, an online educational program designed to introduce the general public to IBP’s transformational personal growth work.

Her goals are to help her students and clients develop a deeper sense of self-awareness of their body-mind connection; expand their capacity for emotional depth and authenticity; discover powerful methods to remain present, grounded, and centered; and experience a sense of wholeness and connection inside, so that they feel empowered and in charge of their lives.


Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT

Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT


Beth Bardovi, MA, LMFT has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Santa Monica, CA since 1985. She has taught Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) in the United States, Canada, and Europe beginning in 1989. She is an IBP practitioner and IBP teacher. Beth served as Director of the Los Angeles Central IBP Institute and is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of the IBP Institute in Italy.

Beth is a Transformational Faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership and works with CEOs and business leaders of Global 500 Companies.

Her goal is to tap into the innate wisdom of body, mind, and spirit to liberate human potential. She uses breath to balance the nervous system, to change and release old habitual holding patterns, and to allow a deeper more authentic experience of self. Beth believes well-being is a body experience that increases joy, resilience, and aliveness and leads to deep and lasting transformation.

Barney Saltzberg

Barney Saltzberg


With close to fifty picture books published, Barney Saltzberg has been traveling the world talking about creativity and where ideas come from. He lectured in China and Russia through a cultural exchange program through the United States State Department.

Barney is passionate about working with children, parents, teachers, organizations on the art of making mistakes and finding play and creativity in our everyday lives.

His books have won numerous awards, including NAPPA Gold Awards, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Starred Reviews. Most recently Melinda Gates chose Beautiful Oops as one of the top three books every child should read.